Monday, February 6, 2012

Short Story Monday: Flash Fiction February

A few weeks ago, I experimented with reading some flash fiction. The story I read, while unsatisfying, was intriguing. I decided that I need a larger sample of flash fiction to truly make a decision about it.

That's why I have decided to make February Flash Fiction Month on Read Handed. The alliteration definitely contributed to this decision. Also helpful was the email I received from a flash fiction writer named Michael Stutz. Michael recommended a couple of magazines that publish flash fiction and offer some to read on their websites: Quick Fiction and Rumble Magazine. So, each Monday in February for my Short Story Monday post, I'll share a flash fiction story.

Today's piece is from Michael Stutz - "The Long Slide."

Even in these few paragraphs, Stutz's skill for writing is evident. The language is lyrical and flowing. Take this example:
"It was verily the prevailing wind - so of course, their expectations sagged. As a generation, they really hadn't any. They had the shared sentiment of their childhoods, yes, the searings of those distant memories, and they lived in the ironic contrast between the happy charms of then and the terrifying emptiness of now."
Content-wise, the story brings in conversations about generational differences, the American dream, connectivity, mob-mentality, the power of suggestion, and more. Interesting themes, though overall the story feels vague. Again, maybe that is a product of the length constraints.

Either way, I plan to read more of Stutz's work, and of course more flash fiction in general. Check back next Monday for more!

Are you interested in focusing on flash fiction in February with me? Leave a link to your flash fiction post in the comments so I can stop by.

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